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The snake, a symbol of healing, was her attribute. The mission of the Bona Dea International Hospital is to provide all patients with the highest quality of care and aim for the highest patient and employee satisfaction while applying innovation at all levels of care.

The vision of the Bona Dea International Hospital is to become one of the top hospitals in the Caspian region operating according to western European standards of healthcare. In Roman mythology, Bona Dea was a healing goddess and the sick were tended in her temple garden with medicinal herbs. Our beautiful hospital building is located in the Nizami district of the city. Situated very close to the Heydar Aliyev Prospecti, being the main highway of the capital, accessibility is one of our strengths.

This implies that offering the highest standards of European health care services is the main purpose of our hospital. We aim to achieve this goal by working with a large European medical, paramedical and management staff and by partnering with leading medical institutions within the EU. Our ultimate striving target is to achieve JCI Joint Commission International accreditation; this is considered the gold standard in global health care. Opening our doors for Azerbaijani, expats, diplomats, medical tourists and to all patients worldwide we really want to become an international hospital.

About the Hospital. View All Departments. Welcome to our Hospital. Our mission. Our vision. Our concept. About us. Academy departments. Residency Education. Nurses Education.Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date s you selected. Please choose a different date. Would you associate this place or activity with wellness?

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boda dejta

Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids? Does this place or activity accept credit cards? Do you need to present an Identification Card when visiting this attraction?

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Thanks for helping! Share another experience before you go. Full view. Best nearby. Venezia's Italian Kitchen. Lake Dardenelle State Park. Lake Dardanelle State Park. Write a review. Traveler rating. Selected filters. All reviews alligators swamp hiking hike. Thomas W wrote a review Nov Alma, AR 9 contributions 6 helpful votes. All level and well marked. Watch out for idiots on bicycles who fail to make their presence behind you know as required. Read more.We,by chance, were passing and turned the car around as the restaurant seemed inviting.

In fact we enjoyed our meals and also the atmousfear of the place too. The service was kind and Felt homely. We walked in and said we were vegetarians after seeing the reviews on TripAdvisor. There is next to no choice and the tomato pasta was very bland,even though the pasta was home made. I can not recommend for vegetarians. Excellent restaurant where tradition is as important as quality, the best of italian cuisine are prepared here with the utmost care; it's a amazing culinary gem to enjoy after nice visits of Villa Adriana or Villa d'Este.

Trip Advisor led the way. This is a family place, and mama knows how to cook. We enjoyed a delicious meal outside. The cannoli was the best.

We had a beautiful meal at Bona Dea on our last night in Italy! The family who owns this restaurant are just the nicest people and they make some delicious food!! Thank you for a beautiful send off! We saw this restaurant as we drove out and we are so happy we stopped!

Such friendly service, homemade bread and wonderful food!! I had the gnocchi with mussels and my hubby had I had an absolutely lovely lunch here.

The owner was so warm and welcoming, and brought me bruschetta and a small drink to "welcome" me before my meal came. The food was delicious and the staff was friendly and helpful.

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Great host. Basic menu but food quite good. The wine is also good and quite reasonable. We had dinner there 2 nights and the owner was very nice and friendly. Very friendly family place. Authentic Italian food, not your general tourist fare. See food linguine is their signature dish. Open for lunch from and have all sense to drive here from touristy plazas.

Wonderful food.

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Very nice staff, beautiful atmosphere inside with different rooms to dine in. Pasta dishes and fish are excellent and all dishes are prepared with attention to detail and use of quality ingredients. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.

Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Bonadea Panino di Mare, Villa Adriana. See all restaurants in Villa Adriana.Jump to navigation Jump to search. The goddess had two annual festivals. The rites remained a subject of male curiosity and speculation, both religious and prurient.

Approximately one third of her dedications are from men, some of whom may have been lawfully involved in her cult. Bona Dea "The Good Goddess" is both an honorific title and a respectful pseudonym; the goddess' true or cult name is unknown. Based on what little they knew of her rites and attributes, Roman historians speculated her true name and identity. They included nocturnal rites conducted by predominantly or exclusively female initiates and female priestesses, music, dance and wine, and sacrifice of a sow.

By the Late Republic era, Bona Dea's May festival and Aventine temple could have fallen into official disuse, or official disrepute. The goddess also had a Winter festival, attested on only two occasions 63 and 62 BC. It was hosted by the magistrate's wife and attended by respectable matrons of the Roman elite. This winter festival is not marked on any known religious calendar but was dedicated to the public interest and supervised by the Vestals, and therefore must be considered official.

Shortly after 62 BC, Cicero presents it as one of very few lawful nocturnal festivals allowed to women, privileged to those of aristocratic class, and coeval with Rome's earliest history. The house was ritually cleansed of all male persons and presences, even male animals and male portraiture. A banquet table was prepared, with a couch pulvinar for the goddess and the image of a snake. Caesar publicly distanced himself from the affair as much as possible — and certainly from Pompeia, whom he divorced because "Caesar's wife must be above suspicion".

He had the responsibility to ensure that the Vestals had acted correctly, then chair the inquiry into what were essentially his own household affairs. Worse, the place of the alleged offense was the state property lent to every pontifex maximus for his tenure of office. The rites remained officially secret, but many details emerged during and after the trial, and remained permanently in the public domain.

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They fueled theological speculation, as in Plutarch and Macrobius: and they fed the prurient male imagination — given their innate moral weakness, what might women do when given wine and left to their own devices? Such anxieties were nothing new, and underpinned Rome's traditional strictures against female autonomy. In the political and social turmoil of the Late Republic, Rome's misfortunes were taken as signs of divine anger against the personal ambition, religious negligence and outright impiety of her leading politicians.

Clodius' prosecution was at least partly driven by politics. After two years of legal wrangling, Clodius was acquitted — which Cicero put down to jury-fixing and other backroom dealings — but his reputation was damaged. Octavian presented himself as restorer of Rome's traditional religion and social values, and as peacemaker between its hitherto warring factions. Livia restored the temple and revived its May 1 festival, perhaps drawing attention away from her disreputable kinsman and the scandalous events of 62 BC.

There is no evidence of its abolition.

boda dejta

Livia's name did not and could not appear in the official religious calendars, but Ovid's Fasti associates her with May 1, and presents her as the ideal wife and "paragon of female Roman virtue". Livia's best efforts to restore Bona Dea's reputation had only moderate success in some circles, where scurrilous and titillating stories of the goddess' rites continued to circulate. Well over a century after the Clodius scandal, Juvenal describes Bona Dea's festival as an opportunity for women of all classes, most shamefully those of the upper class — and men in drag "which altars do not have their Clodius these days?

Its foundation year is unknown but the Aventine was host to several foreign or imported cults. In the middle Republican era, the temple may have fallen into disrepair, or its cult into official disfavour. Harmless snakes roamed its precincts. Most provincial sanctuaries and temples to Bona Dea are too decayed, despoiled or fragmentary to offer firm evidence of structure and layout, but the remains of four are consistent with the sparse descriptions of her Aventine temple.

In each, a perimeter wall surrounds a dense compound of annexes, in which some rooms show possible use as dispensaries. The layout would have allowed the concealment of inner cults or mysteries from non-initiates.

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There is evidence that at least some remained in use to the 4th century AD as cultic healing centres. This is evidence of lawful variation — at least in the Roman provinces — from what almost all Roman literary sources present as an official and absolute rule of her cult.She was identified with various goddesses who had similar functions. The dedication day of her temple on the Aventine was celebrated May 1. The goddess herself was also known as Damia and her priestess as damiatrix.

These names are almost certainly Greek, and it is highly probable that the Greek cult of Damia was grafted onto the original cult of the Roman goddess Bona Dea. Publius Clodius Pulcher was indicted for violating the sanctity of the December ceremonies in 62 bc. He was disguised as a woman. He escaped conviction by bribery. Bona Dea. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree See Article History.

Vestal Virginsin Roman religion, six priestesses, representing the daughters of the royal house, who tended the state cult of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth.

The cult is believed to date to the 7th century bc ; like other non-Christian cults, it was banned in ad by Theodosius I. Publius Clodius Pulchera disruptive politician, head of a band of political thugs, and bitter enemy of Cicero in late republican Rome.

Born into two distinguished families, Clodius served under his brother-in-law L. Lucullus in the war against Mithradates and instigated…. Julius Caesarcelebrated Roman general and statesman, the conqueror of Gaul 58—50 bcevictor in the civil war of 49—45 bceand dictator 46—44 bcewho was launching a series of political and…. History at your fingertips.She was associated with chastity and fertility in women, healing, and the protection of the Roman state and people.

According to Roman literary sources, she was brought from Magna Graecia at some time during the early or middle Republic, and was given her own state cult on the Aventine Hill. Her rites allowed women the use of strong wine and blood-sacrifice, things otherwise forbidden them byRoman tradition.

Men were barred from her mysteries and the possession of her true name. Given that male authors had limited knowledge of her rites and attributes, ancient speculations about her identity abound, among them that she was an aspect of Terra, Opsthe Magna Mater, or Ceresor a Latin form of Damia.

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Most often, she was identified as the wife, sister or daughter of the god Faunusthus an equivalent or aspect of the nature-goddess Fauna, who could prophesy the fates of women. The goddess had two annual festivals. One was held at her Aventine temple; the other was hosted by the wife of Rome's senior annual magistrate, for an invited group of elite matrons and female attendants. The latter festival came to scandalous prominence in 62 BCE, when the politician Clodius Pulcher was tried for his intrusion on the rites, allegedly bent on the seduction of Julius Caesar's wife, whom Caesar later divorced because "Caesar's wife must be above suspicion".

The rites remained a subject of male curiosity and speculation, both religious and prurient. Bona Dea's Roman cults were led by the Vestal Virgins, and her provincial cults by virgin or matron priestesses.

boda dejta

She is depicted as a sedate Roman matron with a cornucopia and a snake. Personal dedications to her are attested among all classes, especially plebeians, freedmen and women, and slaves.

Bona Dea Trails & Sanctuary, Russellville: Address, Bona Dea Trails & Sanctuary Reviews: 5/5

Approximately one third of her dedications are from men, some of whom may have been lawfully involved in her cult. Bona Dea "The Good Goddess" is both an honorific title and a respectful pseudonym; the goddess' true or cult name is unknown.

Deae "The Goddess Based on what little they knew of her rites and attributes, Roman historians speculated her true name and identity. Lactantius, claiming the late Republican polymath Varro as his source, describes her as Faunus ' wife and sister, named Fenta Fauna, or Fenta Fatua Fenta "the prophetess" or Fenta "the foolish".

Bona Dea is a goddess of "no definable type", with several origins and a range of different characteristics and functions.

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Bona Dea had two major annual festivals in the city of Rome. An official public festival was held at her Aventine temple on May 1. Its location connects Bona Dea to Rome's plebeian commoner class, whose tribunes and emergent aristocracy resisted patrician claims to rightful religious and political dominance.She is a main co-anchor of the NBC News morning show Today and co-host of its entertainment-focused fourth hour.

Kotb formerly served as a correspondent for the television news magazine program Dateline NBC. She lived in New Orleans throughout the s. Kotb and her family lived in Egypt for a year, as well as in Nigeria.

She has a brother, Adel and a sister, Hala. Her mother, Sameha "Sami"works at the Library of Congress. During a 92nd Street Y interview, Kotb hinted at her Muslim roots when she recounted her memories of annual summer vacations in Egypt and her veiled cousins and how her parents' migration to the United States had spared her from having to do the same:.

We met our cousins who looked just like us. Some of them had the head cover on. I still remember going, 'Oh, my God. Like that could have been me. Kotb similarly indirectly spoke about her family's Muslim background in her autobiography when she described attempts at match-making by her relatives in Egypt:.

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During my visit, I'd be sitting on the couch and there'd come a knock-knock at the door. He's from Cairo. He's studying engineering He also has on a long white man dress.

Okay, call it a dishdash. Kotb makes no mention of any Coptic ancestry in her autobiography as some online articles have incorrectly claimed.

She graduated from Fort Hunt High School in She was elected homecoming queen [13] and selected to speak at her graduating class's baccalaureate service. On February 23,Kotb began hosting a live, one-hour show twice a week on Sirius XM 's Today channel, discussing casual, water cooler topics. On January 15,she released her second book, Ten Years Later: Six People Who Faced Adversity and Transformed Their Livesin which she chronicles six stories by identifying a life-changing event in each subject's life and then revisiting each of those six people a decade later.

InKotb released her third book, Where They Belong: The Best Decisions People Almost Never Madewhich features a selection of various stories of inspiring people who "found themselves" in completely unexpected moments or unforeseen circumstances.

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In OctoberKotb released her sixth book, I Really Needed This Todaywhich includes personal notes about her experiences and relationships, an assortment of quotes, and sayings that she hopes inspires and uplifts readers. Kotb has also released her own children's books. The first one, her fourth book overall, I've Loved You Since Foreverwas released inand was adapted into a lullaby by Kelly Clarkson. InKotb was awarded the Edward R. Murrow Award for her reporting.

Kotb received her first Gracie Awards in and Groves," [35] which earned her an additional Headliner Award in[36] as well as the Alfred I. In MarchKotb underwent a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer and has since become an advocate for breast cancer awareness. On November 25,Kotb announced live on Today that she had been engaged to Schiffman.

boda dejta

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