Spells to help you clean

This website uses cookies in order to enhance your experience. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn how we may use cookies and how you can change your browser settings to disable cookies. By continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you consent to our use of cookies. Did that Blood Moon Eclipse last month leave you with a fresh breakup? It happens. Fall has been known to invite in all kinds of transitions.

But nursing a broken heart, even when you know that breaking up is for the best, is never a fun time. But it also can be a really exciting moment to focus on self-care and creativity. Here are some magical things you can do to help yourself let go of old ties and welcome in new beginnings when you find yourself in breakup land.

spells to help you clean

Objects and spaces can hold energy, and clearing that energy after a breakup is essential. Throw out love notes and delete emails and texts that take up psychic space in your brain. If getting rid of these correspondences seems impossible, or if you think you might need this evidence for a future therapy session, file them away in a folder or box, and then hand over that box or upload that folder to a trusted friend to hold onto.

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Once your place is clean, take a few minutes to breathe and feel grounded and connected to the Earth. Set your intention. Light a white candle and ask the Universe and your spirit guides for support in clearing your space of all negative energy that might be holding you back. Then walk around your space and make sure the smoke travels to every corner and crevice, including inside closets.

If you want to do a super deep cleanse, close your windows and doors, and leave the Palo Santo burning for minutes. Then open windows and doors and let fresh air and light in. You can set your candle somewhere safe and leave it burning until it burns out. The full moon is a good time to set the intention of letting go. The energy of the waning moon will help you release feelings that do not serve you. On the full moon, light a candle and welcome in the energy of the Universe, your spirit guides, and your inner goddess.

On a piece of paper, write down what you want to let go of. It can be a relationship, certain feelings or expectations, or negative thought patterns. Hold the paper over the flame and let it burn. So mote it be. As the moon wanes in the coming days, offer gratitude for all of the support systems and relationships in your life, which allow you to let go without fear. Post-breakup can be a really special time when we get to assess our priorities, goals, and visions for the future.

An activity that can help with both freeing up and focusing creative energy is creating a vision board or you can make vision flashcards, which are great because you can carry them in your purse for when you feel a subway cry coming on. Gather some art supplies—poster board or index cards, scissors, glue, tape, and a bunch of various kinds of magazines, or your Google Image search bar, if you are hooked up to a color printer.

Think about each aspect of your life you want to improve, or the things you want to manifest.

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This could be a promotion or a new job, the completion of a creative project, strong friendships, health and fitness, new adventures—whatever inspires you.

Set each intention as you search for images that relate to these goals and put together your image board or cards. Think about affirmations for each of these goals as well.Hello friends! Today I am sharing with you some of the spells that I use to cleanse the energetic field of my magickal tools.

Cleansing spells are a must for any magick practitioner, since we are constantly manipulating the energies around us.

Just consider it like one of your tasks as a witch. Cleansing and consecrating your tools is essential if you want your spells to work properly. If someone touched one of your tools without your consent, you will need to cleanse them again. By example, if I caught my sister playing with my tarot deck, I would have to clean it asap. As a witch, your magickal tools are the key to your personal power, so you must take good care of it.

Of course, the best way to prevent these situations is to keep all your witchy stuff locked is a chest. Furthermore, you can do these simple cleansing spells anytime you want, even if nothing happened to your magickal items.

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Trust your intuition on this. For best results, purification spells are better performed during the waning phase of the moon, or during the dark moon. Never let negative energies lay to long around.

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This king of energy is very unstable and potentially harmful if not properly taken care of. Before performing any of your spells, you can cast a sacred circle following the method of your choice. The circle will also act as a shield, to prevent the unwanted energies from spilling everywhere into the room. I rather improvise them on the moment. If you use your own incantation, your spell will be even more powerful that if you had taken words written by somebody else.

Keep in mind that words are not necessary to perform a spell. In fact, it is just another way to focus your intention. Words can easily be replaced by singing, dancing, sigils, visualization, a yoga pose, or anything to make you raise your energetic level. Cleansing with smoke is a method that has been used for a very long time, in a lot of cultures. The best incenses for cleansing are white sage, rosemary, or copal. Start by lighting your incense. Then, pass your item though the smoke.

Imagine that all the impurities are burning in the smoke. Do this for as many times as you need.Achieving prosperity in a sales job can be difficult. Much of your success depends on factors beyond your control.

People often look to spell work to improve their business and attract new customers. There are a myriad of products and rituals available to assist you in your pursuit of better business. When looking to boost your sales, it is important to start by cleansing your work space.

Negative energy can block customers from entering your store or prevent people from wanting to do business with you. Creating an inviting atmosphere for your clientele is extremely important.

spells to help you clean

A great way to attract customers is by performing a washing ritual. Let the mixture cool. Strain the liquid. Mop the floors and wash the windows with the tea, making sure to focus your intention on banishing negative energy and welcoming prosperity. Sprinkle any remaining liquid in the doorway of your business to draw clients to you. When everything has dried completely, sprinkle Marjoram leaves in each room of your business to prevent evil forces from re-entering the space.

Irish Moss can also be placed under a rug or in your pockets to increase foot traffic and keep money flowing into your place of business. Once your surroundings are cleansed, find a private space to set up your altar. Spread a green handkerchief on the altar and sprinkle it with Finance Sachet Powder.

spells to help you clean

Place a Saint Pancracio medal next to the candle. While concentrating on your goals, light the incense and candle. As the flame builds and the aroma of the incense fills the air around you, repeat the following incantation:. Success is coming soon to me, Prosperity is flowing unto me, So mote it be.Witchcraft is about getting real results and seeing tangible change in your life.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my Disclaimer for more info. Growing up was a little different in my family.

We were nomadic for the majority of my childhood, moving every months or so, hopping from place to place following my parents work. Of course, as a kid moving that much is hard. All of the craziness aside, I did have some really amazing experiences along the way.

We would go on long family camping trips and disappear up into the mountains my favorite part of any summermy brother and I would have more fun on those trips pretending to be pirates with sticks for swords than we ever had at home. That kind of improvisation was a staple for us growing up. After years of moving you end up with fairly scant belongings and you get REALLY good improvising and learning to make do with what you have.

If I collect every witchcraft related item that I own together it all fits into one small basket, with room to spare.

Seven Spells to Cleanse Your Magickal Tools – Use the Power of Air, Earth, Fire & Water

More often than not my spells are whispered incantations, hastily drawn sigils, or entirely performed in my head. I was managing to produce powerful magical results with no tools or ingredients and though it may not look as witchy without all of the tools and aesthetic, this kind of magic is about as traditional as it gets. In pre-modern times, magic was performed with whatever was on hand.

They had to use whatever they had! This kind of resourcefulness in magic should be a staple for all witches. This kind of magic may seem difficult or above your skill level right now but I promise you can absolutely achieve excellent results in your own craft even without tools. Can you banish without tools? What about healing spells? Can you cleanse a room without using anything at all?

The answer is yes, pretty much across the board. If you can think up a spell it can probably be done without tools. It is important to consider your own tendencies and limitations though! Ok, so sigils technically require you to have something to write with and something to write on BUT you can find pens just about anywhere the bank, your waitress, a friend, etc.

Sigils are an amazing way to cast spells quickly and easily with very little fuss. As Frater U. It is temptingly easy, and with only a little practice it may be performed at any time and at any place. Written and spoken spells are a favorite of mine.I can visit you in Toronto or other city in North America of your choice in case you need help in person — remove black magic from house, animal, yourself. Because I use a totally different method than others, I can guarantee that you will receive a really deep clearing of your issues.

My name is Tom. For most of them nothing changes.

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As a result they feel that someone scammed them. This will not happen with me as I have affordable prices and years of experience. Some people believe that no one can remove black magic spells and that the person must suffer because they are too weak to fight them.

But in reality, removal is usually very fast — you just need to know how to do it. Clearing the black magic and your spiritual protection is my job. You can see me how I remove the black magic issues for one of my clients. I burn the candle to either destroy nearby negative entities or keep them in distance from the place.

The wooden statue is the God of Protection from Maui. A native Samoan chieftain specifically crafted it for me and my wife. Furthermore on your right you can see precious stones, including communication pyramid of Thoth a spiritual specialist carved it from lapis lazuli stone and various powerful crystals. Also, I clean black magic from homes, apartments, flats, lands and other properties.

These usually have residing souls, stomach entities, black magic seals and symbols or simply imprinted low vibration energies — shame, guilt, worry, anger, hatred, apathy, stress, money stress, remaining stress from torture from the past etc.

Please try it, it can only help you. Detailed charts are used for identification of every possible issues by pendulum. At the end of session I apply this great healing energy that transmutes any negative issues left.

I just recommend that you tell the truth all the time and treat people in the same way you would wish they could treat you.

Do you really wish that? Due to my knowledge I know who and what I am dealing with, so I will not do that for you! If you have a problem with that person, please solve it in a different way. As a results the entities will harm both of us.

So, in short, I am not doing that for you. There is also a chance that cause of your issues are of a karmic origin. In order to clean that, I have great experience with using forgiveness.We know that everything around us consists of energy. Thoughts, words, and actions create new energies and modify existing ones. In the same way that we can often be targeted by negative energy attacksour residence and our workplace are also vulnerable if nothing is done.

If you are looking for protection spells from enemies, please check: Protection Spells against Enemies. Consistent complaints, dirt, clutter, dirty words, objects that no longer serve us, and negative thoughts are the main causes that make our house on Earth a dark place which can drain our energy leaving us sick, leading to madness, depression or even death.

It is important to keep the places where we live and work with good vibrationsrequesting the presence of the Goddess and her protection to avoid such evils. However, we should not leave this responsibility alone in the hands of the Goddess and we should also take different actions to protect the areas. Check out 10 simple spells that will help you protect your home or your workplace so that there is no energetic break-in, bringing negative influences or low energies:.

To keep the negative energies out of your home, place the design of a spiral in the doorway, or an object in this shape facing left. From the inside use the same spiral, but facing to the right. The spiral is an ancient Celtic symbol and commonly used in Wicca which represents the strength of the Mother Goddess. There are also double and triple spirals, but this one is the most indicated in this case. A great technique which can be used at different times is to draw these spirals in the air with your magic wand or forefinger when entering into some environment or over objects when encountering or gaining them.

This witchcraft is very popular! To perform this simple spell for protectiontake a pot or glass, preferably never used before and made of crystal, and fill it with coarse salt and water. Stir counterclockwise with your wooden spoon.

spells to help you clean

Leave it in the entrance room of your home or workplace, preferably behind the door, to absorb the negativity you enter. Fill it again with coarse salt and water, stir and place in the entry room. To perform this simple protection spellfind a key the older, the better and tie it with a red ribbon to hang behind the front door.

This protective amulet is a Mediterranean tradition that protects the entrance to your home and guarantees protection for each exit. Arrange a frosted jar and store nailsneedlesand other sharp objects inside it.

Seal the jar so that no one can open it and leave it in a prominent place in your home. Never reveal its content to anyone.

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This is a good protective amulet against the evil eye both at home and at work. When you no longer feel the need to use it or find that it has already absorbed enough energy, bury it. If you have pots with plants at home, know that elementals can inhabit them! You can gain the sympathy of a Gnome eartha Sylph airan Undine water or a Salamander fire by placing coloured jelly beans, blackberries or small berries in the pots.

They say they are so happy that they end up bringing protection and joy to the home. Having a fountain can also be an invitation to the Undines! The Elementals are spiritual beings that inhabit the terrestrial sphere. Although we can hardly see them, we can feel them.

Like us, elementals are also energetic manifestations so we can interact with them. Create an Altar for the Deities you identify the most and keep it organized and clean. Let your imagination flow and consider the symbols that represent these Deities. Images and representations are also welcome. To cast a spell using your voice is the best way you can do it.

The pin bell is a Tibetan bell used to energize the environment and also to measure the frequency of vibrations. Use the pin bell in different places of your house or your work to know if everything is in order.May 9, Spirituality Leave a comment 2, Views.

Therefore, cleaning spaces and homes of negative energy should be done regularly. I hunt by seed, flower and fruit of evil. I cast a spell on them with power and purity. Whether constrained by chains Or returned to darkness. They may never disturb the servants of the gods. Also, this spell works great as a protection for yourself against negative energy.

This spell is very easy. There are only two things that you have to do. First, start to say the spell aloud or in your mind. And start to draw a pentagram in the air. For this spell you need some props. Therefore, you will need a sage incense, a silver candle, some sea salt and water. Firstly, you will have to draw a circle and light up the candle and the sage. Let the sage fill the room while you quiet your thoughts. The spell starts with the incense, which represents air.

Stay like that a few minutes then move to the candle. Hold it for a few minutes. Then move to the sea salt. And then dip your hands in the water.

Now start to meditate. Clean your thoughts. And when you are fully ware of your wholeness say:.

What Kinds Of Spells Can Be Done Without Tools?

Thank you for your presence. Now I am sending you home. Therefore, visualize that your crown chakra is directly connected to Heaven. It is connected with the divine light.

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